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This forum is purposed for those who's unable to speak in Russian, but still wants to take part in our products' discussion.
Since this forum is for English-speaking users, you have to speak here in English (kinda obvious, right?). All messages in any other language will be removed.

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Space Rangers 2 HD: SOUL TORCHED EPIC Mod 
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Keep Moving Forward
 09.11.2014, 01:55
Hello Space Rangers 2 Modders,

Need an English Mod that satisfies all of what you're probably going to modify over the next weeks :lasos-zzz:? First off best works with Space Rangers 2 HD: Version 2.1.1800 I have the hot mod for you :lasos-cool:! This mod is Space Rangers 2 HD: Soul Torched EPIC Mod :lasos-idea:! It modifies cross-wide items and quests but adds new equipment and hulls as well, while the enemy is stronger you are stronger as well as you gain special equipment. More description of this mod will be found below :lasos-laugh: :

Benefits :lasos-laugh:
-Easy Economy
-Easy Skill Level Up
-All Modules Special
-All Equipment Upgraded
-All Special Hulls Upgraded
-All WeaponMods on Weapons & Stronger Weapons
-Larger Hulls & NPC Hulls (You can have near 30kish max)
-Stations are much stronger, sometimes less hull.
-Max equipment & hull level is tier 6, while most of the game is 1-5.
-You can find tier 1-2 on planets, 3-4 stations, 5-6 on Scientific Base only
-Max equipment can hit up to a maximum of 1k-2k damage.
-NPC (Pirates, Rangers, ect..) will eventually buy max equipment or find the module drop. Most higher ranked NPC will hit between 100-600 damage at the start. NPC has a tendency to follow each other to take back systems, so follow them and gather minerals to make money at the start if you don't cheat
-Quests are worth 1.2 million credits if you download the questsEng.pkg

Difficulty Increase :lasos-devil::
-Huge Pricing Range
-Stronger Dominates (You can't kill them right away at the start, they are hard)
(You also can not solo a system if you make reproduction and strength of them max, especially on Hell)
-Stronger Pirates (If you set max difficulty from the start)
-Stronger Asteroids (Up to 50% hull damage)
-Bosses and Mini-Bosses hit between 500-6k damage per rocket if not shot down.
-Any harder cheat mode will be impossible to damage dominates systems or keep under control well unless you have III equipment+!
-Dominates can have up to about 30k-40k hull size on the hardest ones, even 70k, depending on your AverageSize setting by the BlockParEditor.

Tips :lasos-idea:
-Adjust the AverageSize in BlockParEditor in opening Lang.dat inside Items>Hull>AverageSize to the number you feel comfortable with.
-You may or may not crash, just like the original game does once in a blue moon, not often at all.
-Max all of the settings as you wish with custom settings but keep your luck high, it keeps the game active and LOTS of fun. Advanced Adjustment is how you access custom settings, please click this and say yes, this is where you can edit all the good settings. Advanced Adjustment Red=on Blue=off
-"Generating Ships" takes time to load please be patient.

Lang.dat modify:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/g4bcw ... g/Lang.dat

questsEng.pkg modify:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/ulrdt ... stsEng.pkg

Do NOT replace the original files :lasos-cry:, use the Mods folder and add a folder name of the mod name you choose and add it to ModCFG or download my ModCFG example:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/vpa14 ... ModCFG.txt

Lang.dat: An important file that is opened by BlockParEditor tool for core modifications.
questsEng.pkg: An important file that is opened by ResEditor (Rus) and unpacked/packed there to be edited by the TGE tool to edit quest maps.

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