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Help with Ground battles 
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Аватар пользователя
 08.11.2013, 23:14
Hey are there any walkthroughs or guides for the ground battles. I can do the first tutorial one easily enough, but man. I just hit my first real one and it's impossible for me. Is there a way to pause and give orders? Guess that's not real time, but yikes. Itissohard!

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Аватар пользователя
Сообщение 08.11.2013, 23:53
I've just started making videos about the game, haven't made any guides tho, 'cause people didn't really need it, but I'll explain pretty quickly for you what to use/do/avoid/etc...
First, you should always make robots with 4 hands and a mortar. Always use missile launchers, use Dynamo head, Antigraus feet. That is your fighting robots.
Make repair bots with 4 Repairers, no mortar 'cause mostly they will be at the back and might not always use their mortar, + if they are fixing one of your robots they can't fire from their mortars, so they can't fight and repair at the same and using mortar on him is useless. Head doesn't matter so much since you don't do anything with your repair bots other than repairing your own robots and there is no such head that boosts your Repairers, so you can either go with a head that gives it more hp or with Firewall head, or even without a head, but if you can make one with a head make it with Firewall, that gives him more defense and if enemy targets it it will die way slower and you might actually run away with it.
Use stuners on your fighting robots, like use one on one of their upper hands, they target enemies with their missiles easier from lower hands. Use only one stunner on each robot, stunners need a lot of gas so don't make every robot with a stunner, try to balance it with your resources, most important resources are chips and gas, mostly you will need those two.
You can also make a robot with flamethrowers and Firewall head, that will be useful if you see a huge line of enemy robots, Firewall head is needed not to get stunned, don't use mortar, it's a waste. But what flamethrowers do is that they do half damage instantly to the target and other half after the fire reaches them, so if the fire reaches whole line of enemy robots it will kill 10-14 of their robots, that's how I won a few battles.
Work on your manual control of the robot, you can win whole battle with a repair bot and a robot with missiles. Forget other weapons...
If you want to defend a factory, like a gas factory or chips factory or whatever they are called, put rocket launchers as defensive turrets, they do the most damage and have the best range. If you have no chips or any other resources make light cannons. If a factory is too close to the enemy you can make a few light cannons at those factories, especially if you have gas (40) and titan (40) for it. Rocket launchers need 80 titan, 120 chips and 120 plasma.
Who factories to take first: 1st - Chips; 2nd - Gas; 3rd - Titan. That's what you need the most.
I can't explain the other details in here, you have to see it yourself, if you need anything else or something I'll help you out.

Edit: I've just made tutorial for it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riPtWuk6gQI you can take a look, it's a long tutorial where I explain many stuff, such as planetary battles and talk about weapon/equipment choices for multiple kinds of ships.

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Аватар пользователя
Сообщение 09.11.2013, 08:52
Ah thank you very much. I did figure out those configurations early on. After finally finding some videos and watching them. I simply realized I wasn't being quick and efficient enough on the harder maps. Also that beach resort missions is just waay harder than most of the others, and I have now had some success on other maps.

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Аватар пользователя
Сообщение 09.11.2013, 09:44
Glad you made it :)
But that's one of the easiest missions, you haven't seen the really hard ones yet :P

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