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Space Rangers HD - Personality Bug ? 
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Сообщение 06.11.2013, 20:37
Well, I choose Human Mercenary character, but in Ranger Rating page I seem like Warrior (as personality) If I choose Human Warrior, I seem like Warrior again. If I choose others, then personality seems different like magnate, huckster.

My point is about mercenary. Beceause there are other rangers in that page with mercenary personalities. So there should be a bug or something.

By the way the starting tools or money seems correct with warrior or mercenary. Only problem seems at ranger rating page. Both of them seems as Warrior there.

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Сообщение 07.11.2013, 01:22
Mercenary personality is a mix of a warrior and some more personalities which do quests/kill other ships for money, rob them once in a while, fight dominators, do planetary battles etc... you are a mercenary, but to become one you have to do what a mercenary does, but when you start your journey you might start as any of those personalities which mercenary includes. Like pirates always start as a thug or any other ones which are like pirates, but I haven't ever become "a pirate". Fixing your ship on a military base also increases your warrior rating and that affects your title, same for pirate base, you get like 1% rating every time you fix your stuff there.

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