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Dominators' storyline? 
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Сообщение 30.10.2013, 00:23
I've been thinking about this since SR2: The Dominators, what if you could create a dominator character and play it like you play a ranger character? This is way much cooler for me than adding that pirate stuff. I know that talking is like thousand times easier than doing something, but I can only suggest an idea to the developers...
I'll share my imagination with you guys, so here it goes: Wouldn't it be awesome if you were able to create a dominator character like a ranger? Buy ships, sell/buy random alien stuff on planets, talk with all 3 types of dominators, kelleroids, blazeroids and terronoids, what if all these 3 dominators were friendly to each other like the rangers' races are, such as Gaals and Pelengs? Do planetary battles like you do in your ranger's storyline, but if you choose a dominator you have to choose any of these 3 races of dominators: terronoids, blazeroids or kelleroids.
If you're a kelleroid talk with Keller for starting missions etc.. to become a true kelleroid or something. If you're a terronoid talk with Terron, if you're a blazeroid - talk with Blazer etc...
I'm not quite sure how the reputations should go between dominators, but let's say you're a kelleroid and if you attack the blazeroids you ruin your reputation with them like you do vs pirates as a ranger and then they attack you etc... but don't make these 3 dominators bloody enemies for each other.
lol I even made up a name for this - Space Rangers: A New Era.
I don't know, think about it guys, ask people, test it, I know this sounds interesting, I know it costs money to do stuff, but you know it best what you will do :)

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Сообщение 29.11.2013, 14:25
It was a most popular idea not more than 2 years ago, and developers rejected it any time.

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