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This forum is purposed for those who's unable to speak in Russian, but still wants to take part in our products' discussion.
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Dominators & Pirates 
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Сообщение 30.10.2013, 00:06
So, here are my opinions about these 2:
Dominators start with strong weapons, stronger than our weapons of course, but with the time up our equipment gets better than theirs, which I think should be that way, but the thing is that they start with too strong equipment and they research better equipment too slowly, what if they start with a bit weaker equipment and research better equipment faster?
Pirates are really annoying, I don't know what are other people's opinions on this, but I don't find adding pirates storyline and all of those stuff the best idea. I think the rangers needed another enemy, but not pirates in my opinion. I'll say what I would do if I wanted to add something to the game in another topic 'cause I have a lot of to say. But in general, pirates are just annoying... that's all.

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