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This forum is purposed for those who's unable to speak in Russian, but still wants to take part in our products' discussion.
Since this forum is for English-speaking users, you have to speak here in English (kinda obvious, right?). All messages in any other language will be removed.

Also, you can registrate here.

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This raises a very interesting issue. 
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"I need to scratch my balls." -Frederick Nietzsche
 29.10.2013, 13:18
Has anyone considered the arguments given here in this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/214730/di ... 709595890/

I too agree and feel as though the Pirates are vastly overpowered (almost to the point of cheating). They have way too many universe modules and their weapons do so much damage that it is hard enough to 1v1 them, let alone an entire star system.

I'm playing on normal difficulty and right now the coalition only controls about 20% of the map because the pirates are wiping everyone out. Is anyone else having this same issue? I've ordered a lot of military operations and they rarely ever seem to work if at all.

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Сообщение 29.10.2013, 21:16
turnpike, watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjUEwuEtPK0
My movie, here i show releasing of some systems

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Владыка Шестерёнок. За безмерное количество вовремя найденных при тестировании багов и вклад в допиливание баланса игры.
Сообщение 29.10.2013, 21:53
turnpike, hey. May I request you to provide your saves for testing purposes? Otherwise it's gonna be quite difficult to determine your skill and gamestyle. Also please describe when (i.e. gamedates) you firstly met overwhelmingly powerful pirates.

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Сообщение 29.10.2013, 23:54
I wish I could disable pirates, they help me capture dominators' systems and it makes it easy. but pirates are really weak, they have really bad weapons with low damage etc...

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