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Save games are corrupting at random 
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Сообщение 23.10.2013, 01:08
My save games are corrupting at random. When I try to load them I get memory exceptions & application exception errors:
(0x0eedfade) at location 0x77002eec
Exception EListError in module Rangers.exe at 00014F6B
List index out of bounds (-1).

I can load an earlier save and continue the game, but eventually my save game gets corrupted again. So I have to save & test if it still works all the time.

Error log attached.

PFFFFFT "The extension log is not allowed".
Had to .zip it...

########.zip [1.45 KIB]
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Символ творца. За разработку утилиты "Микроскоп", значительно облегчившей создание чемпионатных генераций КР2.

Шаман без бубна
Сообщение 23.10.2013, 09:39
That's anti-piracy protection working. If you never used pirate version and still get this trouble, try adding rangers.exe to your antivirus exception list then start a new game (do not load old saves, they will still get corrupted eventually). If that doesn't help - contact me again and i'll send you custom executable to collect info for debugging.

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Сообщение 23.10.2013, 10:56
Ok... Dang, this is second time I'm having trouble with Space Rangers 2 product anti-piracy protection... Last time I had HUUUUGE problems with SR2 StarForce protection ... And now this. But thanks for the reply!

I'll try to disable my anti-virus (Avast!). I bought the game from Steam sale, so it's legal. I'll get back to you when I know if disabling AV helped.

EDIT It will take a couple days to reach where I was now before the save files started to corrupt... Will be back later. :pokerface:

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Сообщение 24.10.2013, 23:48
Disabling AV did solve my issue. I've been playing for 8 game years now and no corrupted save files. Thanks for the help.

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