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False positive on game piracy protection 
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Сообщение 20.10.2013, 23:28
At least two other users other than myself have reported being hit with the anti-piracy protection measures screwing up their save files. (Faster planet orbits, asteroid spam, etc).

I can't speak for the others, but I know in my case there is absolutely no way there could be a pirated version of Space Rangers HD or any previous game on my hard drive; it's a brand new hard drive, so this issue couldn't possibly be caused by a pirated version of the game or triggered by older versions of Space Rangers. Since there are multiple people reporting this issue on steam, I strongly suspect the problem isn't simply my own computer and may be a genuine bug.

Naturally, having hours of gameplay utterly screwed up by this anti-piracy measure is very frustrating. I hope this issue is addressed soon otherwise myself and others will start demanding refunds from Steam for a faulty product and/or unplayable game.


Edit: I don't know if this will help with debugging, but the issue only seems to trigger sometimes. I have two playthroughs saved, and the first one was longer (10 in-game years) and the time bug did not trigger. In my second playthrough (6 in-game years), the bug DID appear. So it only triggers sometimes, and not every time.

P.S. -- Is there any way to check if a save has been hit with the anti-piracy measures which screws up gameplay? Or undo the damage to a saved game? I want to keep playing this game, but there's no point if its a damaged save game, so it would be good if I were able to see which saves were marked...

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Именная монета. За бескорыстную помощь на регулярной основе всем пострадавшим от региональных ограничений игры. Кроличья Голова. Завуалированное оскорбление модератора, в ответ на замечание о пристрастии к завуалированным оскорблениям.

aka grendel
Сообщение 21.10.2013, 05:54
To check if save file is cracked you should save your game somewhere on the planet and skip a year or so (hold the space button). After that just check if there asteroids and hot sun. If it's ok, just load your game back.

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Шаман без бубна
Сообщение 21.10.2013, 10:20
Regularity, if it happens again let me know, i'll send you custom executable to collect info for debugging.

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