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How to apply Leadership 
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Сообщение 20.10.2013, 21:53
The manual and several FAQs tell me the obvious:
That Leadership somehow allows you to command other ships.

None of them tells me how to go about doing that.

Do you buy an empty hull and "build up" a ship?
Where do you find the empty ship slot to put the hull into?

Do you hire NPC?
There are no communication options for that. Only for asking someone to help killing one specific enemy and you don't need Leadership for that.

Other skills are explained well and far more obvious.

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Аватар пользователя
Сообщение 20.10.2013, 21:56
You only can hire NPC-ranger or NPC-pirate if your Leadership highter than he's (or she's) leadership.
Also you need highter rank.

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