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This is our list of rules for CHK-Games´ message boards (v1.06, 2011\10\30)

Please note that although these rules are very strict and simple, our moderators, and of course administrators are ALWAYS right in everything. Just keep that in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: our server is PHISICALLY located on Russian Federation´s soil. This means that we´ll have to comply with our batshit-crazy homeland laws about handing over user´s data to police "on first demand". Please also note that everything that you do (post, edit, all kinds of statistics) WILL be logged, stored for two years, and all this data CAN BE disclosed to Russian police after their very first demand to do so.

Strictly forbidden:
1. Insulting other users or being extremely rude to them. Don´t do anything that you would not want for yourself.
2. Posting pointless messages or inflate pointless disputes.
3. Usage of foul language - it is forbidden at all times.
4. Creating so called "clone threads". Before creating new thread, please use our search system and make sure that no one asked about this before you. We have a lot of feedback-threads for you - per one for bug-reports, suggestions and so on, so please - check on them first before creating a thread about single crash or idea.
5. Expressing of nationalist and inciting inter-ethnic, racial and religious hatred views and ideas.
6. Plagiarism - at all times, in any form.
7. Posting referral links and the hype of any other forums or sites.
8. Posting links leading to counterfeit, such as pirate software, music, video, etc, as well as publishing such content in form of attachment to the post at this forum.
9. Creating so called "clone accounts". All clones will be removed at sight - no exceptions.

Extremely undesirable:
1. Ignoring the norms of the Russian or English languages. Please use spell-check before posting your message!
2. Ignoring forum´ categorization. Please check out the entire forum and think twice before choosing a category to place your thread.

1. Everything not mentioned above.

Users´ responsibility:
For non-compliance with our rules moderator will set the penalty according to internal regulations and his own understanding of the situation in the form of ban or warning card. Terms of every warning or ban will be determined according to moderator´s own decision - and no one in right to change it.

All warnings will be removed in 90 days automatically.

Please note:
- We have "For English-speaking users" category on our board - so if you can´t speak in Russian at all, please post all your messages there and only there - most part of our users can read or write in English only with help of Google Translate. If you´ll have any questions about forum´s categorization, please forward them DIRECTLY to ru_maniac via PM.
- All threads with questions like "When Space Rangers 3 will be released?" or "Why doesn´t anyone makes a new chapter of SR?!" will be removed at sight. We will not comment such topics or make any announcements before 1C Publishing do so.
- The administration of the board reserves the right to change these rules without notice and at its sole discretion.

If you are disagree with any mentioned condition of our rules, please leave this page immediately or press "I do not agree with these terms" button. Press "I agree to these terms" to proceed.

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